Cloudy with a chance of fairy dust

Dear smileys!

Today was one of those days. When you realize how true little fairy tales are. Like never cry wolf? Today I figured out that you  can’t keep on doing the “just kidding” thing to your friends. One day…they won’t know that you are seriously frustrated. Today me and my friend were getting ready for class, I jokingly bopped her on the head once with my hat. Than I said “thats what you get” just jokingly. After, she grabs the hat, and starts hitting me furiously. At this point, I don’t really care, because I know that when i want her to stop, I can just tell her and she will. Of course, she doesn’t stop. She just keeps on hitting me, and smiling. My heads hurt after. I don’t know if this would be qualified as bullying. But it was mean.

Than later, me, the same girl, and two others had to share a computer. It’s not rocket science. Plus the teacher gave me the computer and told ME to use it. Anyways…We had to look something up, so I tried to do what I was told and look up the god damn word. She just comes in and grabs the computer so that ‘everyone can see’ but it was only pointing in her direction at this point. So now I asked if she wants to look it up, because that’s what it seems. She says no. So I continue to look up the word. But she holds tight to that dear computer and holds it her way so I cannot see what I’m writing.

Just let me doing the f-ing work or do it yourself. I wasn’t very positive today, as you can see, and after school in ArtClub, we had a photography teacher come in, and selfish as I am, I was jealous of the compliments he offered to my friend, and not me. I am usually that friend. But fine art is my specialty. Not photoshop. Not technology. Old style!

But the rain (non-sarcastically) cheered me up! It makes me feel refreshed or something. But more alive, thats for sure.

E.L  🙂


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