Secrets and rumors

You know when you are standing beside someone and they are whispering and pointing. Luckily a lot of people don’t have to go through this weird feeling.

What usually goes through my head when this happens is, is it a good? Are they complementing me? But then my mind wanders a little to the dark side. What if they are talking shit and I don’t even know. I know it seems awful that someone would do this, but surprisingly everyone does it at least once in our lives.

Rumors are strange things as well. Secrets and rumors are the easiest way to screw up someones school life. Fast. Something can spread thats completely untrue but people believe anything.

It’s an easy way to screw with people though. It’s funny that this is such a huge part of middle school, high school and just all of our lives. Why don’t you just smile to everyone! Be happy. Because honestly that is the cure. As fucking cheesy as it sounds…it’s true. Imagine if no one judged anyone! If there were no winged whispers flying around crashing into each other, tearing people down, well there won’t be so many books for tweens called ‘how to survive middle/high school’.

But than again, unfortunately I guess judging… I think? Is one of those things that like historically helped us like get out of weird situations? Is that a thing? I feel like there are a lot of things that are like that.





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