I know Santa doesn’t exist. And it’s that time of year. I was convinced he did though. When I was little. It wasn’t a belief. It was just something, that I knew, everyone knew.

But now I believe. And it’s funny because some people would say that…you’re wasting your beliefs, and your time. But I like it.

Imagine that a kind old gentlemen came to your house one day a year and delivered to you, something that put a smile on your face.

I know God doesn’t exist. But a lot of people don’t. I’m not saying I’m right and their wrong, or the other way around. I’m just stating a fact. Sometimes I like to think there is someone guiding you  through life, step by step. But I also don’t like that the part about your good is his doing, and the bad is yours fault. I don’t find it uplifting.

But I still believe. Some would say that you must know, not just believe. Some would say thats a waste of your belief. I think it is my decision.


Maybe Santa & God aren’t very similar to you. But I believe they are, they are both very well told stories. They both help you believe in something with no proof. Even tho, I mean God in a way is slightly more blown up. But they are both valid religions. I don’t think you have to choose. Why a war on Christmas? Why a war on Religion?

I don’t know much about Religion. I don’t know much about anything, in fact. But I know that being supported feels good. I know that getting a compliment feels good, I know making someone feel good? Feels good.

Honestly, sometimes Christmas can be stressful, or at least rushing to get everything done before you have your last Science test, have to hand in a big project or have to hand in a Secret Santa gift etc. Or maybe money is low and Christmas is the gloomy reminder of it. Or maybe this is just a shitty time of your life.

I heard this  quote once. That is part of a lot of quotes, like ‘It’s gonna be okay’, or ‘Just remember, non of us have any idea what were doing either. No one choses to exist. You just do. You’re gonna be okay’-Halsey

Anyway you wanna interpret those words, that idea, whatever… go ahead. But sometimes when I’m stressed or nervous about something, I think to myself, it’s gonna be okay…Somehow, someday…it’s gonna be okay.



xoxo 🙂



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