Its all worth it

My best friend and I had been having some disagreements. Nothing huge. She thought that I’d rather hang out with another friend, and I thought she’d rather hang out with another friend group. In fact, we just wanted to be with each other. We were both, just too scared to admit it. Later, she was having some health problems that caused weeks at the Hospital. This gave me and her an opportunity to show each other how much we cared. I was always there. I visited her as much as I could, I brought her books, I wrote her letters. It was kinda fun writing letters. She wrote back. Than finally she could come back, back to school.

She wasn’t the friend I had remembered. Somehow, through someone, somewhere the teachers found out, and both my teacher and the guidance councillor talked to me about it. They both explained that she was trying to socially fit in, and had to spend enough energy being normal, so she didn’t have any left for anything other than that. I guess I understood. This was only about a week ago.

.                  .                  .

Last night my best friend very kindly gave me a Christmas present. Along with the gift their was a card. I opened the card first and am leaving the gift for later. Her card was so touching. I think this part is my favourite it read; You are more important to me than any other friend. And the way I love you and appreciate you and need you cannot be put into words. Because that would only cover a fraction of it. 

When the heartaches and the sleepless nights of what if’s and the looking back on old pictures wondering if your connection has increased or decreased since that time, that doesn’t matter anymore, because now you know she cares, he cares, they care!

It warms my heart. Healthy relationships are the best.


E.L 🙂



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