Talent show

People naturally have different talents.

For some people, sports are their thing (maybe only one specific sport), maybe fine Art is someones thing, maybe photography, singing, engineering, health, acting, banking etc.

I’m not gonna list all of them, but you get the point. Have you ever been in a position, where someone is somehow presenting to you their talent, and you are completely envious of them?

You maybe say; ‘I could never draw like that!’ or ‘How do you draw so well?’ or ‘I’m not good at anything’. I think it is unfortunate that seeing someone else doing something right makes us feel wrong. We are completely selfish beings. I think instead of blaming it on them say ‘Wow! You’re really good! Good job. You worked hard and achieved your goals (unlike me)!’ You don’t have to say the ‘unlike me’ part, but it’s true.

I think that seeing someone else doing something, maybe you wanna achieve, should make you wanna achieve it as well. This should make you strive to be just as good as that person, it’s something to work towards.


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