You can call me Lee, Elle or anything with a mix of e’s and l’s.

I’ve noticed, within the past year that there are a lot of bad things in the world. Especially when you focus on them. Just some recent ones are the France bombing, Tailings ponds of Alberta and how much pesticides we use… (5.2 tons each year, around the globe). Also that our environment has been trampled by humans that don’t give a crap if the earth is destroyed or not. There are many more bad things. But these are the ones that are shared by many people.

My friend was in the hospital with a sickness. She is better now. But that’s also something you can’t control. It’s just there, and it’s bad.

Sometimes we forget to focus on the positives, like love, happiness, honesty, friendship, relationships, education. The goods out way the bads. But thats not always how people look at it.

You have to remember that if we didn’t have any of those things, we wouldn’t be here. We are lucky.

I challenge you to do something that makes you smile, every single day.

Signing off,


Don’t forget to smile! 🙂